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When you consume the ticket you will receive a reward, the next "Apprentice Ticket" and also send your Mentor a "Mentor Ticket". You have to reach level 20 before you can become a Mentor and have your own Apprentices. At which point do I complete the Mentorship Program"?

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When you reach level 30 you have successfully completed your Mentorship Program! Simply get your friends to join you in Growtopia, be their mentor and convert them into a Growtopian! How can I become a Mentor? How many apprentices can I add or promote? Can I create multiple accounts myself and add them as Apprentices?


Why is it so very hard to reach the number of apprentices required for Milestone 10 and 11? How do I get mentor tickets? What rewards do I get for being a Mentor? How can I claim rewards? Can I transfer rewards? Will I be able to remove Apprentices? How can I archive an Apprentice? I already have 50 apprentices but I want to mentor more players.

How do I do this? Note that Growtopians above Level 3 cannot be added as an apprentice. As a mentor you can only add or promote one apprentice per day. Beyond that, the additional apprentices and recruits will be added to your overall count, but you will not be able to interact with them. If we find that you are abusing the game systems, you will get your rewards removed and your account might be permanently suspended from the game.

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The Mentorship Program is designed to provide long term goals and rewards. While you can reach some Milestones very early, Milestone 10 and 11 are unique high value rewards that only some passionate Mentors will be able to achieve. Go to the Social Portal and then "Show Apprentices". Click on the "Milestone Rewards" button to see a list of all rewards. Additionally if you successfully recruit a new player, you and the recruit will get gems immediately! You can claim milestone rewards by helping apprentices reach Level 20 and above.

The more apprentices you have, the more milestone rewards you can claim.

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Simply click on the "Claim" button, the rewards will automatically go to your inventory. Some rewards can be traded, some cannot be transferred to other accounts.

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As a mentor, you can remove active apprentices from the mentorship program. An apprentice can also leave the mentorship program if they choose to. Once your apprentices reach Level 30, you will not be able to remove them, and they can only be archived.

You can archive an apprentice when they reach Level 30 or above. Archiving apprentices removes the apprentice from your "Active Apprentices List". Archiving apprentices removes the apprentice from your "Active Apprentices List" and allows you to add more. Through this program we intend to show our appreciation and support for existing content creators. In addition, we want to encourage more players to create content and help them grow their platforms. Maybe you are the next one to join?

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What we are looking for? How you can apply What are the perks What we are looking for? These minimum requirements need to be retained within 90 days upon acceptance to the program. All content creators are invited to join, but all applications are subject for approval. May it be because of your different views or because they are new to the game. Whether they violate rules or not, it is not appropriate to call out someone publicly, please report them to the Customer Support Team or Moderators.

They are actual people, so please be mindful of your behavior and messages toward them. After any of your accounts is permanently suspended you are in no way allowed to log in to the game and play as this is what is considered "Ban Evasion" which is punishable by permanent suspension on all accounts involved. The email address attached to your GrowID is how we verify account ownership. These are attempts to direct you to phishing websites and to steal your account. Customer Support and Moderators are always with you The Growtopia Team is always aiming to provide you with the best gaming experience.

How to report a player or a world? The Customer Support Team can also help you with issues such as harassment and bullying over private messages in-game. Do not hesitate to send in your report and let the us deal with them. Please note that reports sent to the Customer Support Team and Moderators are confidential and may include information that should not be shared. Any conversation between players and us that is posted externally is subject to deletion. Intune supports devices that run other operating systems, such as iOS and Android, to provide a complete MDM solution.

Windows 10 поддерживается несколькими системами MDM, и большинство из них поддерживает сценарии развертывания как персональных, так и корпоративных устройств. Multiple MDM systems support Windows 10 and most support personal and corporate device deployment scenarios. Если ваша компания не использует Azure AD, пользователям следует указать учетные данные Майкрософт во время запуска при первом использовании, прежде чем зарегистрировать устройство в системе MDM с использованием корпоративной учетной записи.

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Хотя это руководство не освещается, вы можете использовать Exchange ActiveSync EAS для управления мобильными устройствами, а не использовать полнокомадровную систему MDM. Базовые мобильные устройства и безопасность для Microsoft поддерживают только мобильные устройства под управлением Windows 10 Mobile, iOS и Android.

Базовые возможности мобильности и безопасности для Microsoft предлагают подмножество возможностей управления, доступных в Intune, включая возможность удаленной стирки устройства, блокирования доступа к электронной почте Exchange Server и настройки политик устройств например, требований к паролям. Basic Mobility and Security for Microsoft offers a subset of the management capabilities found in Intune, including the ability to remotely wipe a device, block a device from accessing Exchange Server email, and configure device policies e.

Дополнительные сведения см. Облачные службы. На мобильных устройства под управлением Windows 10 Mobile пользователи могут без труда подключать облачные службы, которые обеспечивают отправку уведомлений пользователям и сбор диагностических данных и данных об использовании. Cloud services On mobile devices that run Windows 10 Mobile, users can easily connect to cloud services that provide user notifications and collect diagnostic and usage data.

Windows 10 Mobile позволяет организациям управлять использованием этих облачных служб на устройствах. Windows 10 Mobile enables organizations to manage how devices consume these cloud services. Службы push-уведомлений Windows. Службы push-уведомлений Windows позволяют разработчикам программного обеспечения отправлять обновления всплывающих уведомлений, плиток и индикаторов событий и необработанные обновления из своих облачных служб.

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  4. Windows Push Notification Services The Windows Push Notification Services enable software developers to send toast, tile, badge, and raw updates from their cloud services. Таким образом, предоставляется энергоэффективный и надежный механизм поставки обновлений пользователям. It provides a mechanism to deliver updates to users in a power-efficient and dependable way. Тем не менее, push-уведомления могут влиять на время работы батареи, поэтому режим экономии заряда в Windows 10 Mobile ограничивает фоновую активность на устройствах, чтобы увеличить это время.